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Applebee's in Biddeford, Maine

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Welcome to Club 67

The Club 67 website is designed to bring together classmates of BHS class of 1967.

If you have pictures or anything related to 1967 class/classmates that you would like to include, please send it along through (Tiger Mail).

Welcome to Club 67....                     Welcome to Club 67....                     Welcome to Club 67....                     Welcome to Club 67.... home of the BHS Tigers of 1967. A bunch of kids from Biddefordís past, connecting with friends and classmates much like the Old Days........ Now, The Monthly Lunch gatherings! WOW! What started with a handful of classmates meeting for an occasional lunch, has exploded into a monthly event with ever increasing numbers. Approx. 75 classmates have attended at one time or another. At a recent gathering 28 classmates attended, and the Club 67 email list has grown to 133 classmates........ Itís always someoneís birthday, and Tiger cake is only 67 calories per slice. If you are a member of Biddeford High School's class of 1967 and would like to be included, send your request along with your name and email address to .............. With our 50th Class reunion firmly established in Biddeford's Historic Record, we can be proud of the manner in which we came together. After 50 years, 90 Tigers gathered for a full weekend of events, and countless others wanting to attend, but unable for reasons beyond their control. Many old friendships rekindled and a great time had by all......... Enjoy browsing through the Club 67 website, and SEE YOU SOON!



View the CLASS OF 1967 YEARBOOK!



Pillars of Pride

3rd Annual Biddeford Education Foundation

Join us in honoring two generous community partners and longtime contributors to learning:
Dana Peck, Class of 1967 and Sarah Jane Poli, Class of 1959

Friday, October 26, 2018
Click here for more information


BHS Hall of Honor

A Message From Dana

As many of you know the school district started a Hall of Honor (like a Hall of Fame) several years ago. Mike Landry and Dick Saucier have been inducted as outstanding athletes of the 60's. Well, we have a special place because we have two (2) classmates, a husband AND wife were inducted.

January 11 at 6PM in Tiger Gym, Sandra Tanguay Saucier joined Dick in the elite group of citizens in the Hall of Honor. Another accolade for the Class of 67... they are the only husband/wife inductees!!

Class of 1967 Hall of Honor

Also check out: Biddeford Athletics Hall of Honor


Clifford Park Gate

Clifford Park Gate

As some of you may know, Clifford Park had a new gate and plaque installed in April 2016.
Thank you for joining us in gifting the new Clifford Park Gate!
Click here for more information and photos.


Biddeford Alumni Video


May 20, 2015: The 1967 Tigers went back to school!

It took almost 50 years, but it finally happened....
The Class that ROCKED Biddeford, Maine returned to Biddeford High School.

Thank you to Linda Verville of Biddeford School Department!

At the Tiger Gym, students and staff welcomed the older/wiser Tigers back with open arms. After the lunch in the cafeteria, and during much conversation, the tour began. The turnout was larger than expected... 32. Therefore, it was necessary to split into 2 groups. The school was well prepared for Club 67. The students did a great job controlling the chaos, and school was in session. Sorry BHS.... we never did anything quietly.

Biddeford High School looks very different than in 1967.... Entrances and exits have been moved, elevators installed, flat screens throughout for schedules and events, library with rows of computers with internet connections, Business Academy, theatre-like lecture hall, and more. All were impressed! However, one question remains.... which ones were the teachers?

Outside at the digital sign, pictures were taken - then it happened.... S O N G, and the words could be heard across the river and beyond! Go Tigers!

All of Biddeford can be proud of Biddeford High School.


BHS & Beyond Alumni Career Expo

Was on Friday, November 14th from 5pm-7pm in the Tiger Gym

There was something for everyone!!!
Students - Learned details about specific career paths from former BHS students
Parents - Built aspirations in your child by exposing him/her to all the possibilities
Teachers - Discovered what your former students became - Found inspiration for your classroom
Alumni - Caught up, Reconnected, Mingled
Job Seekers - Networked

* Door Prizes * Raffles * TJ's Pizza * Interactive Activities *

Click here for a glimpse of who was there!


Waterhouse Field Renovation

Waterhouse Field in Biddeford is in need of renovation.
Visit the Waterhouse Field Renovation website for more information.


Biddeford Vision 2020

YouTube video: Biddeford Vision 2020


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