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Giving the Gift of the Clifford Park Gate

Dana Peck during the Clifford Park Sign & Gate Dedication on April 23, 2016:

Clifford Park Sign & Gate Dedication
Thank you to everyone for all your contributions and help with this project!
Clifford Park Sign & Gate Dedication
Clifford Park Sign & Gate Dedication

Clifford Park Sign & Gate Dedication Event - April 23, 2016

And so it began... here are some photos of the process:




















Giving the Gift of the Clifford Park Gate

Clifford Park Gate - Current Donations

The goal has been met!
Thank you for joining us in gifting
the new Clifford Park Gate!


Good news Tigers,

The Clifford Park Gate and Sign Fundraiser has reached it's goal. Thanks in large part to the generosity of our local Rotarians and of course the great of Class of 1967. Thank you to all classmates who supported (financially or otherwise) this important improvement to Clifford Park. H.O.B. with our own Joan Brooks played an integral part as well.

Be assured your contributions are well invested.... Maine Architectural Ironworks brings good old fashion skill and pride. Something that is hard to come by nowadays. We can be proud of this project for many years to come. Therefore.... A great big Tiger thank you to our good friend and classmate Dana Peck for his countless hours and hard work.

Work begins next week with the dedication planned for April 23, 2016.

Thank you to all!
Club 67 Rocks!




Hello Tigers,

Following is a letter of support for the new Clifford Park Gate (Pool Street entrance).

Greetings Classmates of the Glorious Class of 1967

As you may have recently seen, we are engaged in raising funds for an ornamental gate at the entrance to Clifford Park. Some of you have already contributed which is greatly appreciated. Although we all may have our own reasons to or not to donate to the commemorative Class of 1967 entrance gate, I would like to tell you why I am supporting this project.

I, like many of you, have been privileged to be born and raised in our unique community. Our city was a “melting pot” of America from the very first days of our mills. The mills brought 22 different nationalities and cultures into one place to work and prosper together. From our early ancestors we learned to be tolerant of others, respect differences, hard work, strength of conviction, and passion for each other. They shaped who we are today.

As our country has weathered the ups and downs of the years, we have been able to embrace the changes because of our strong historical constitution. This is not by chance but directly related to the unique culture of our community. We all have stories that bring back pleasant memories and some that bring back painful ones. But the Class of 67 remains a strong body of unique individuals you share the bond of the culture of our community. I would suspect our adult lives reflect this, as well.

Consequently, it is now my turn to give back to the community and show respect and reverence for the gifts of the past. Clifford Park was once the hub of activity of Biddeford. It is time we show our gratitude for all the community gave us by a visible gesture of restoring the park entrance. The Class of 1967 will be immortalized by our gift in the form of a plaque on the gate. It is a good thing to do.

“We, the Class of 1967, wish to express our gratitude to our community by donating this historic gate.”

Hope you all have a great holiday season.


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