Biddeford Athletics Hall of Honor

A Message From Dana

As many of you know the school district started a Hall of Honor (like a Hall of Fame) several years ago. Mike Landry and Dick Saucier have been inducted as outstanding athletes of the 60's. Well, we have a special place because we have two (2) classmates, a husband AND wife were inducted.

January 11, 2018 at 6PM in Tiger Gym, Sandra Tanguay Saucier joined Dick in the elite group of citizens in the Hall of Honor. Another accolade for the Class of 67... they are the only husband/wife inductees!!

Class of 1967 Hall of Honor


Letter from Dana

This year Induction will be January 16, 2015 in the Tiger Gym at 7:00 p.m. before the BHS/TA basketball game. One of the inductees is Art Descoteaux who was a teacher, coach and AD who influenced many of us during our BHS days. He would really be moved by some of us being present to show our appreciation for his efforts. Art is 86 years old and still talks fondly of his days at BHS.

For those who can attend, we can sit together as the Class of 67 and show our appreciation. Other inductees are:

Tiger prideChuck Clifford ‘66
Jason Crepeau ‘94
Robert (Dezi) Desjardins
Crystal Corbeil ‘90
Steve White
Charlie Belisle ’62 (?)St. Louis HS
Katie Willett BHS
Briana Neault BHS
Casey Bourque ‘95
John McKeon ‘81
Karolina Pierko BHS
Al Daigle ‘ 58 (?)St. Louis
Brian Dumoulin ‘08
Richard (Doc) Labonte (?) St. Louis
Claude Leclair ‘82

You can also send letters of congratulations to Dennis Walton, Athletic Director at