WW1 German Mortar (Cannon) Restoration

Thank you Nancy Silkinat Bernier.... for the great video recognizing our contribution to the Veteran's Memorial Park.  Another proud moment for Biddeford Amvets and the Biddeford Tigers of 1967!

May 27th 2019 "Memorial Day", a day for us ALL to honor the men and women who died while serving in our military.  Veterans have a long history of protecting Our Great Nation and the way of life we know and love.  AND at home, they continue that long standing tradition of service to our country and community.  Thank you to all our 1967 classmates who served our country.  We are forever indebted!

As we approach our solumn day of remembrance, The Biddeford Amvets, lead by our good friend and classmate, Lionel "Tinou" Lamontagne has taken the challenge to restore and place a WW1 German Mortar (cannon). This was the German Mortar (cannon) that used to be beside the First National Bank on Main Street in Biddeford.  A "spoil of war" from WW1 that the Allies captured and gave to many US communities. The city recently made significant traffic alterations and the cannon was moved and donated to the Amvets.  Now, thanks to The Biddeford Amvets, the Cannon will be restored and moved to it's final resting place, at the Veterans Memorial Park on the corner of Pool and Alfred Streets for dedication on Memorial Day 2019.  The Veteran's Memorial Park has become a landmark and the Cannon will be a perfect fit, to this already magnificent corner of Biddeford.

Please see picture below with the Cannon in the background of the Saco-Lowell Shops float during the City Centennial parade, 1955.  The float is driving east on Main Street, passing in front of First National Bank and Lincoln Street, with a lone Volkswagen bus trailing behind it. The streets are crowded with spectators, and two men are visible sitting atop the roof of the bank.

The Amvets, Tinou Lamontagne and Dana Peck will do much of the restoration and placement for the Cannon.  Estimated cost is $1000 and any amount of money collected over the necessary cost of restoration and placement, will go towards the Amvets BHS Scholarship Fund.  Tinou has convinced Amvets to recognize the "Class of 1967" on a plaque.

Big thank you to Tinou Lamontagne for making it possible to restore and place the Cannon.  Thank you Dana Peck for the historical data and information for this announcement, and for taking on the task of restoring the Cannon.... much hard work ahead.  Good Luck!

Cannon, First National Bank in Biddeford

Cannon to be restored in Biddeford